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The NEW SHAPE of septic tank filters, the STF-110 Bristle Filter

Easy in... Easy Out... NO Clocking or Moving Parts... NO Clogging... NO Cleaning... NO Hassle... with better infiltration. Truly the most versatile and effective filter on the market... and it's disposable!

The Bristle Filter's simple design provides a fast, clean and affordable solution for servicing septic tanks. THe filter has been hydrodynamically designed with non-directional bristles for unrestricted flow of effluent, allowing biological maturing and sloughing to maximize the septic tank's efficiency.

The STF-110 has well over 1/2 mile of filtration media with over 319 cubic inches of open area to eliminate clogging. The 2,215 square inches of filtering surface allow a flow rate of over 1200 GPD, filtering to 1/16 inch diameter. This incredible amount of filtering surface is achieved through the unique shape of each triangular bristle, which more than doubles the filtering surface, with no uniform holes or slots to plug.

STF-110 Bristle Filter

  •  90 degree handle for easy installation and removal.
  • Adapts to all types of 4" pipe. FIts any 4" septic tank "T".
  • Self-locking bristles hold the filter firmly in place, eliminating "filter float up".
  • Its flexible design makes it easy to install in hard to reach places and makes replacing the filter a breeze. No cleaning or rinsing of used filters, simply slide out the used filter and place it in the supplied 4-mil plastic bag, then slide in a disposable filter.
  • Constructed of non-directional polypropylene bristles and wound together with a stainless steel core.
  • The designed shape of the filter creates a debris separation space which naturally sorts debris according to size and mass. This space also ensures even filter usage for a long lifespan and maximizes the Bristle Filters circular flow.
  • Our standard STF-110 passive septic tank filter can be manifolded together in multiples of up to 6 for over 6000 GDP. THese systems are designed for advanced residential and commercial septic system applications.
  • Optional, STF-130 slotted sleeve removal tool prevents any solids from leaving the "T" while the filter is being replaced.
  • Optional, STF-120 grabber used to extract filters easily from all tanks.